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Thursday, August 7, 2008


The other day I was looking at grace's profile, her and Mark have been together for almost a year. I've never lasted that long with a boyfriend and I think I actually could with Scott. It really upsets me that my friends are lasting longer and longer with boyfriends. Look at Ally and colin. This month will be 8 months together. That's also coming up to a year. I've never lasted more than 3 months with a guy. Scott is my first boyfriend to last 4 months. That's a long time for me, I get tired of my boyfriends easily. With scott though, we hardly fight which is really weird for me because I've always fought with my boyfriends. I really feel like I trust him, like I can let him in. You know, like I can tell him anything. I just wish I had a chance to see if I could last that long with him. Too bad I'll never know.


PaintMyHeart said...

It really sucks that he is moving but it's a great thing because him and charles will be getting the education they deserve.
And you defintely aren't the only one who wishes that they could have that chance to last long with their lover.

Jooly Con Queso said...

this isn't helping
but last friday was kate and I's 6month =]
I'm gonna miss Scott too.
i don't know him very well
but he's really cool, and obviously he treats you well.