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Friday, August 1, 2008

Naples part 3

Naples beach
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So tomorrow I head back to Lake county. I'm excited once I get back I sign up for dance AND get Breaking Dawn! Sure I don't get it AS SOON as it comes out but I still get it! This year for dance I'm signing up for ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, modern, pointe, and tap. I'm also going to be in a lot of advanced classes so I'm super excited!

Today in Naples I haven't done much. My mom and I walked to this beach store which is a couple blocks away from our hotel. Then we walked to Starbucks! Also we walked around 5th ave and looked in some shops. After that I went to the pool while my mom went back to the room and is currently chillaxing. I'm so happy that I'm coming back! I miss everyone SO much. I miss Melissa, Scott, Charles, and Sheri the most. I'm deff hanging with them as soon as I can!

The picture on the side I took while I was tanning (I'm a TAN girl now!). I wrote Kristina ♥'s Scott in the sand earlier and I didn't even relize it was in the picture until I uploaded it :P. I think that picture came out pretty good for being on my Sidekick!

Before I go, yesterday I found out that my dance teacher's husband has cancer. His name is Larry and even if you don't belive in God or whatever please pray for him. He is an amazing guy and I've had the luck to have been in a dance with him once. He always helps out Miss. Tiffany and her dances and he also inspires some of her dances. Miss. Tiffany already lost her grandmother and mother for cancer so let's hope and pray that she won't lose him. Please, please pray for him. Thank you!

I'm Kristina and I'm OUTT!

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