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Thursday, November 20, 2008

I hate being sick.

I'm all coughy, sneezy, and sniffley. "/

At least today I got to go home from school in 3rd period. I hate that I missed the math test "/. Oh well, I'll make that up after school tomorrow-and be late for modern. I'm probably going to miss modern altogether "/. UGH I hate that since I went home from school my dad won't let me go to dance, I mean I just want to go and watch "/

Tomorrow Twilight comes out! I'm so excited. The villages is fucking retarded and not going to play it. Do they not realize how many people would go to that movie? I mean seriously this is going to be one of the biggest movies of '08!



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kae said...

I'm sorry you're so sick!
That sucks that you'll have to make up the math test.

And ugh, yeah, the villages not showing Twilight is definitely their biggest mistake yet. Although I heard some freshman say today that it WILL be at old mill... probably rumours.

I love you <333