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Monday, November 3, 2008

I've decided

you're what means the most to me, but everyone already knew that right?

God, I think I have ADD or something. I freaking can not concentrate on these history notes >.>

Sometimes I regret telling you things, it always seems to back-fire on me. I doubt you know I'm talking about you but that's okay. One day I'll actually tell you to stop saying shit like that. Sometimes I just think you an asshole, but you mean so much to me.

I can't wait til Thanksgiving, the two people that I miss most are going to be down for more that just two days. I think? Hopefully. I'll start counting down the days<3

It's so hard not to send you stuff like, "I love you", or "I miss you"
I'm sure you know that
I don't know where this blog is going exactly. I'm kinda just going everywhere with it, not staying on topic. Regurgitation writing. Only 1% of this is actually good or that's what Mr. Kubik says. Apparently when you write like this you get deep down into your thoughts or something and you get something better than if you tried to get something good.. does that make sense?
It does to me :P

I'm kinda half asleep, half awake.

Ugh, I can't wait until dance tomorrow. It saves me<33

This weekend was pretty good. WOAH I DIDN'T THINK IT WAS ONE XD

This blog is going no where and I really, really need to do my notes so I'll blog later tomorrow :]

I love YOU<3

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