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Thursday, February 5, 2009


I love monsters so much.
They're delicious and they save me from sleep when I have so much to do.
I think the teachers are conspiring against us, seriously. Tomorrow I have 4 tests/quizzes THAT'S RIDICULOUS.
Homework I still need to do:
-Spanish crossword puzzle
-English essay
-Chapters 6-26 summaries of The Prince (which I'll more than likely give up on)
-Business questions 1-9

I'm so, so glad tomorrow is Friday. I get to see Melissaboo<3 and I have dance<33 :D

Like I was saying yesterday, SO many people have bloggers now. I can't decide if I like that or if I don't. I mean I want people to read what's going on in my mind but sometimes I don't (but I kinda do, if that makes sense)

My thoughts are all jumbled at the moment and I can't quite concentrate on one thought. I think it might be because of the Monster :P
I've decided that tomorrow I'm just going to drink monster. Breakfast, Lunch and whatever for dinner. See how I hold up. If I'll have more energy in my classes.

I really hope Scott feels better, he's sickly "/. He always seems to randomly throw up, I hardly ever throw up but since I've known him he's thrown up more than I pretty much ever have.

Everyone seems sick lately. I mean in my ballet class out of the seven girls there only four were dancing. The other three were sitting down and the two other people in the class, I'm not quite sure where the were. My dad is sick, Olivia is sick, Danielle is getting sick AGAIN (she always seems sick), James is sick, Ms. Keeler, Mr. Harris, the list goes on. I pray to god I don't get sick again. The last time I wasn't that bad sick but seriously I was just sick a week ago if I get again I'ma explodeeee!

Today was a pretty decent day, dance killed and I didn't feel all that sleepy in spanish. In algebra I wanted to pass out so freaking bad. We have a quiz tomorrow, it's going to be a piece of cake (I hope).

I really wish I could have a deep meaningful blog but it never seems like I'm able to dig that far down, I guess. Oh well. Maybe one day when I have time I'll try to.

Art is going to be so much freaking fun, art club is going to be so much freaking fun. I'M EXCITED. I can't wait to start on our sculptures :DDD

So I think I might just go against my dad and get my lip pierced over the summer. BUT I guess I have to talk about it with Scott since he really doesn't want me to get it. If he really doesn't want me to get it that bad I guess I won't. And if my parents get pissed that I got my lip pierced what's the worst they can do, make me take it out?

I need a job. If anyone out there knows a place that's hiring TELL ME PLEASE! I gotta apply to Ross then I might as well just apply at Target even though they're not hiring. Who knows someone might get fired :P. I guess I should do the same at Publix. I just need to get money for a car and new pointe shoes. I know I JUST got some but Ms. Rosemary is a fucking idiot and got me too big of a size. I mean when I put them on they didn't look that big but they are. They're huge. I need to get a smaller box and about a half-size smaller. PLUS my iPod can't hold any more songs. So I need to find one cheep I guess. Anyone wanna give me an old one? :P

Eh, I need to end this rambling or I'll continue on forever. My mind is going crazy and I'm thinking about so many different things, one draw back to Monster I guess :P

Comment, comment, comment!<33

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