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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Come home, cause I've been waiting for you<3

Blah, school has really been stressing me out lately. I think those kids who go to performing art high schools are really lucky. They get to dance for most of the day and mainly focus on dance, not school. I envy them. Plus, dance really de-stresses me, makes me forget about the outside world.

I just realized I didn't talk about the sleep over!

On Friday at my dance studio the company had a sleep over! I had class that Friday from 3pm-4pm & 6:30pm-8:30pm. That night we danced until 2, it was crazyyyy. My little sis Lauren and I made up this AWESOME jazz dance, we got first :DD BUT we didn't get grand champion, Nina and Jessie got that. Their dance was hip hop & was awesome as well. We only lost by ONE point :[. Oh well, Lauren and I bonded; it was great :D. For only being in middle school, she's a great little dancer! Then we had a split contest, leap contest, and a turn contest. It was wayyy to late for me to win those XD.
OH MY GOD. I forgot they had these GIANT pizzas there. They were like the size of a freaking table. It was awesome. Anyways, I didn't end up going to bed until like 4:30 or so then I had to get up at 9 for company practice. D:. Everyone was D E A D. So I had that until 12pm. I was crazy tired. :P

I'm so behind in history, but that's okay so is over half the class.
I'm painting James a pretty picture! It's awesome :33
I can't wait until Tremaine
For some STRANGE reason I always put "isohung" instead of "isohunt"
I love you isohunt<33
"Have you been saved?" XD <3
I've been procrastinating history for the past 2 hours.
I miss Scott, even though I just talked to him. I just want to hug him.
I miss Melissa, even though I see her every weekend
I miss James, not really because I saw'd him today ;D
I like lists that have no real topic/focus
Actually this list has a topic-"What goes through Kristina's mind"
XD I'm lame
I'm also slightly retarded-like my boyfriend ;D
I'm so glad I can drive
I can't wait until art club tomorrow :D
I'm going to be up all night doing homework.
My phone just talked to me but I don't know where it is.
I went to my grandma's to nap today and I got $25 + an orange.
I keep getting AIM spam and it's starting to piss me off
I also keep getting telemarketers. I want to rip off their heads.
I miss middle school when everything was less complicated.
Alternatively, I don't miss eating with your class at lunch
I love chowder & FHFIF :D
I'm deathly afraid of getting skin cancer, yet I still go tanning.
I make no sense.

Days until Scott is here: SEVEN

I'm going to put some song lyrics from each song I listen to while doing this blog :P
Song lyrics:

"Dear pacific day, won’t you take me away?"

"When the moon found the sun
He looked like he was barely hanging on
But her eyes saved his life
In the middle of summer"

"Did my heart love until now cause I feel that
I've never seen beauty till this night"

"And you want three wishes:
One to fly the heavens
One to swim like fishes
And then one you're saving for a rainy day
If your lover ever takes her love away"

"All I wanted to say, All I wanted to do
Has fallen apart now
All I wanted to feel, I wanted to love
It's all my fault now
A tragedy I fear"

"Every glance is killing me"

I need to stop my rambling or else I'll never get anything done.
I'm going to work on my many history assignments :[
Bye lovelies!<3


allywood said...

School sucks mdf30mrt20935rjt0329t032jt032tj

And I miss you too.


PaintMyHeart said...

I miss you too!