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Friday, June 26, 2009

Baby I can see your halo

Sorry I haven't blogged in A LONG time. I've been busy with Kids College, dance, and other nonsense. My summer has been PACKED. Plus I have a new kitten to play with, he's so spoiled XD.
Pretty much everyday of summer so far I've been out doing shit. It's been amazing :]
In a weekish I'm going to Tremaine, I'm SO excited :3

I absolutely adore my kitten. He fills my heart with joy and happiness.

Movies that I've seen recently:
-The Proposal
-Year One
-The Hangover

ALL OF THEM WERE AMAZING. I saw Transformers today and pretty much shit myself. I understand now why Julian was freaking out XD
Shia Labeouf is GORGEOUS.<333

I'm not sure what else to write but I will later!

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ThisisaScott said...

rawr give me your face!

transformers was cool as shit.