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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You were a mistake, a lapse of my judgment. So get on with your life, stop telling lies, and get out of mine.
I'm tired of you bullshit and I'm tired of everyone's lies.

Let me give you the harsh truth on why I broke up with you. You were clingy, naggy, and were always pestering me (I don't care if that's repetitive). I don't do that shit. We had been dating LESS THAN A WEEK. I'm sorry but until we get really serious, I can't deal with that. If I didn't come see you that day, you would get all grumpy and shit. I felt unconformable hanging out with my closest friends around you, another thing I didn't like. This whole relationship in general was going no where; I didn't see us dating over 3 months, so this was pointless for me.

So whatever you're mad about, whatever.
If you hear something, talk to me first. People tend to over exaggerate and assume things.


This is why I don't date guys who are in high school. Granted, you're not in high school because you dropped out but you have the maturity of a 12 year old.

Oh and another thing, I hate when people comment an argument that should be in a message. I don't like people reading my business.

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JΛMES said...

I'm sorry, I'll pretend I didn't read this<3