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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So I'm off to school...

..and I look like I've been crying all night. I did cry the majority of the night but stiil I look like shit. Ha I wish I was as lucky as Melissa who doesn't have school today. Yesterday was so hard and SO sad. When Charles and Melissa were leaving I was crying way harder than I meant to. Ha and when Scott dropped me off. That was the hardest I've cried in a long time. I will miss Scott and Charles more than they know but I'm sure they'll be in my life forever. Plus they have this awesome college they're going to. I wish all the luck to them and jess if you're reading this good luck as well. I know I commented that last night but I just wanted to say that again. I hope all of you have a great time away from this hell hole of a city.


PaintMyHeart said...

We will get through this together.
No one understands what you are going through more than I do and I know that you miss them very much.
I do too.
At least they will be back for Christmas :]

I love you Kristina Peregoy<3

Jooly Con Queso said...

lady lake= gay.