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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I think

that I'll be okay for a while. I thought that since Scott would be coming up and then him leaving again I would be upset for the next couple days but actually I'm .. okay. I really think that seeing him really did help to get me not in such a unhappy, miserable state. I'm sure that I'll still miss him everyday but I'm learning to live with that feeling of that I'm missing something, a piece of me. It's growing easier and easier to go on without every little thing upsetting me and I'm glad.
I really, really hope I'll be able to see Scott and Charles during parents weekend, especially since that's about 5 days before my birthday.

I'm going to be 16 in about 51 days!
YAY! October 23, remember it ;D



PaintMyHeart said...

I can't wait until your birthday.
Then I can get you superfantastic presents!

Well thats good.
Maybe if I could have seen Charles I could feel that way but either way I know im gonna miss him and it will hurt but either way we dont have a choice.
I love you and I'm glad you are feeling better<3

kae said...

i'm glad you got to see scott :) lyke, really happy for you :D

you old, asian xD