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Monday, September 8, 2008

My weekend/My monday

This weekend was pretty amazing. Hanging out with Melissa the entire weekend was awesome! Friday I had dance, I love the advanced classes! I'm so happy I'm in those classes now! Saturday consisted of going to B&N, clubhousing (with Julian :D) and making a pizza. I can't believe I scarfed down 4 pieces by the time Melissa finished her 2nd one XD. Sunday was good as well, I love shopping! LOL Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

School was pretty lame as usual BUT I talked to Scott a lot today so that made up for not talking to him at all for the past 2 days. :] Art was pretty hilarious today, except for the fact that Miss. Smearker is still no Mrs. Jones. I miss that woman, she was such a great art teacher.

Helping out in the jazz class a couple levels below me is SO much fun. I love it! I get to demonstrate all these moves and I get to be called Miss Kristina :]]! I also made a TOTAL fool out of myself. I was suppose to do these moves across the floor with these girls and I started out on the wrong foot. So I said "Ooops!" then started backing up. The girl behind me didn't see me back up and she was kicking while I was backing up so pretty much her leg landed on my shoulder XD. Ah well the rest of class went smoothly after that. Tap is okay, I'm in a higher level this year but I still really, really don't like tap that much.

I absolutely CANNOT wait til homecoming. I HATE HATE HATE that I can only take one guest. I wish I could take 3, hopefully some kind people will take 2 of them for me :].

Sorry I haven't really posted anything in a while, I've been extremely busy with school but I'll try posting at least once a week :]].

Julian if you're reading this; remember-don't beat yourself up about it, there's nothing you could have done. I know I'm repeating myself but I hate how you're just hitting your self for it. I loves you my curly headed Mexican! <3

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kae said...

glad you had a good weekend :)

art was great today, but i agree, smrekar isnt a jones, and i miss jones.

but 'move your eiffel tower' sorta made up for that, even if only for a moment :p