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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ready, steady, go.

First think I want to say is just because I hang out with people who do certain things doesn't mean I do those things too. For example I hang out with kids who smoke, does that mean I do to? No, I'm strongly against it. My best friend is bi, I have a lot of bi friends, does that make me bi? No.


1. I miss you. I miss being your best friend and honestly it hurts. When I needed you though, where were you? Nonetheless I still love you.

2. I miss you too, you were like an older brother to me but now we never talk. I miss how we used to be in 7th grade.

3. I love you and I'm in love with you. I'm never letting you go.

4. You mean the world to me. My best friend. You've helped me through so much and you never fail to make me smile (the sheep!). I'm so glad I have you in my life<3

5. I don't talk about you a lot but I've realized you are a really good friend, one of my closest-not a best though. I'm really glad I have you in all my classes and sit by you too! I doubt you're reading this but I'm glad we're getting closer.


So there's exactly one month til my birthday! I'm excited. I'm even more excited to go shopping this weekend! Macbook and homecoming dresss! Plus I get to see muh bessfran!

I finished Identical today! That was a SUPERAWESOME book! For some reason it made me miss Scott a lot. "/ I can't wait til homecoming so I can see him <3

There's so much more I can say but I need to go do some homework. I'll write more laterrr<33

PS-You will find something you're amazing at, it takes time. But when you find something you're somewhat good at, work on it! Keep working til you're amazing at it.

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PaintMyHeart said...

The ending to Identical was deff amazing.
Ha reading glass is making me feel super lonely.
Hopefully you start reading crank soon.
I promise you once you finish it that glass is even better.

I assume number 4 is about me since it mentions the sheep and everyone knows how much i love MY sheep XD

I can't wait to see you this weekend, and go to homecoming together.
It's going to be great.

And the last part of your blog I'm guessing is about me.
Also, if it is.
I already know one thing that I'm good at and aspire to be and thats all I need.
Since that really is the only thing I'll be good at because its the only thing that truely brings me joy.