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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sweet and low.

So today I feel like I accomplished a lot. I have ALL of my homework due, except for history notes which I'm going to start on in a little bit. I cleaned my room and bathroom. The only thing I really didn't do was to clean out my computer which I really need to do. I've started on it but I'm going to clean it out more after doing some history.

This weekend is going to be amazing. SHOPPING, SHOPPING. I get to get a new computerrr AND a homecoming dress! *dances* YAY!

So I've decided that going from lunch to Cubical's class (alliteration! :P) to art is pretty awesome. I mean lunch today, WOW. I haven't laughed that hard in weeks but I also found out something that.. shocks me? English is pretty awesome as well, I always feel really bouncy in that class. All the outrageous personalities bouncing off of each other makes me giggle. Art, even though I realllly don't like the teacher, the people in that class are amazing tooo! Sheri and Ally's survey makes me laugh so fucking hard. Gah, that's the best BUT there's some people that I really don't want to know.

I think I'm going to grow my hair way long. My grandma brought over pictures from when I was like 6ish at the beach and I had super long hair, I LOOKED ADORABLE. Not to be cocky or anything but I was the cutest fucking kid ever.

Anyways I gotta do some homeworks! Fun, right?


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kae said...

;D sheri and i just pwn that way. i can't believe we kept it going.

and zach desantis today xD BWAHAAAA

<333 iloveyou