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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hello there;

So I haven't posted in a while XD

Tonight is the first night that I actually finished all of my homework by 7. So tonight is one of the only nights that I've had time to blogg blogg blog!

This week so far has been fail pretty much. Monday I basically cried all day, Tuesday I deff did not want to be at school, today was the psat, and tomorrow I have detention >.>

Dance has been going extremely well, for the first time I actually feel accepted by the seniors. I LOVE being in advanced classes, it challenges me so much! I feel that I'm improving greatly and HOPEFULLY I'll get into Calarts one day :D. That's pretty much where I have my heart set on going, if not there I'll end up going to FSU or UF. I really, really want to get out of this state, but as long as I'm not in Lake county I'll be fine :].

Kaechu's birthday was yesterday, she's FINALLY 15 :PP <33
Mark && Mona's birthday was today ! EVERYONE'S birthday is in October, mine's in 1week+1day! :DDDDD
I'm excited for my birthday party, that's the one thing I have to look forward to. I really, really, REALLY hope Charles & Scott can come down. That would make my birthday. <3

Jessi cut and dyed my hair, it looks fantabulous! I'm also glad I got to see MUHlissa todays!

I miss you. I feel like you don't want me anymore that you don't care about me. I know you do and your just busy but it just feels like this and I hate it. I hate the distance, I hate being so young. I love you and I always will. It will be impossible to stop loving you. Even if you do something stupid to make me hate you (which I doubt you'll do) you'll still have a place in my heart. I doubt you're reading this but please, please don't ever forget about me and what we had (and hopefully still have).

I know I haven't posted anything mazing in a while but I still don't have Photoshop on my computer :[ I wish I did, the torrent that Scott sent me to use didn't work DD:
If Scott comes up he'll help me with :]

Anyway, I'm off to research labs in florida that have a graphite furnace atomic absorption unit :PP

I love you all<333


kae said...


i love you bunches
i bet your hair looks UHmazing
your birthday is gonna be the shit
15 ftwinnyw
:( @ fail week
lawl @ detention
<3 @ you!

kae said...

oh and i told my dad how many birthdays were in october and both he and my grandpa said at the same time,

"It's cold in January."

xD xD