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Thursday, October 2, 2008

I wish

that you know how your day is going to be when you wake up.
Say you're destined for a shitty day. It would be very convent to have a little e-mail or notification of some sort saying "Hey! You're going to have a shitty day today," to warn you.

Today was just one of those days.

In chemistry, Mrs. Keeler called on me for an answer that I didn't answer because I had forgotten about the homework and I had NO clue what it was. Well actually I did, I just got extremely confused. Point being she made me keep answering until I got the right answer. It took like 10 minutes.
Then in history, we had to write a thesis statement which I thought was only like a sentence but everyone did a PARAGRAPH. So basically I was suppose to do an introduction while I only did a sentence. PLUS he put our answers on the projector thing so I felt SO fucking stupid.
After that in computers, I kinda had a mental breakdown and to the point where I was saying that I'm not doing honors or AP classes next year because I'm fucking stupid. Priya and Sheri kept asking me what was wrong so I told them and started crying "/. Priya talked to me and calmed me down <3.

OH and I have forms due tomorrow and I have NO clue how I'm doing my procedure.
But what really puts the little cherry on top is the fact that Scott and Charles aren't coming up until Saturday morning instead of Friday :[

Even though today was shitty, tomorrow will be amazing. Saturday will be even better. One thing to make my day a little bit better is the fact that I'm off to dance :].

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kae said...

I'm sorry you had a shitty day, I hate when teachers do that too xD irks me.

this weekend should be amazing <3