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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Basically I think we should talk. I can't seem to come up to you and talk to you for some reason so if you're reading this hear me out-I'm not brushing you off for other people. I feel like you are, I'll try saying something to you and all I'll get is a "yeah" then you running off to have some excited conversation with someone else. That's kinda why I haven't been really saying anything to you lately. We can't seem to have a conversation at all. Something else that really bothers me-I'll say something and mid-sentence you'll say "Shut up" or "no" or "you're fat"

I hate that.

I mean seriously my dad tells me enough that I'm fat, I don't need another person telling me that. I know your joking but sometimes I wonder.

I'm sorry I'm being immature and blogging this but I just can't approach you, it's way too hard. Plus you're never by yourself. I don't know, sometimes when I'm around you I get this feeling of hatred. I love you and I miss you but more than that I miss the way we were.

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