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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy, happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving dinner was DELICIOUS!
I've had a pretty good Thanksgiving. I watched the parade, it was amazing. Seriously Hello Kitty and Pikachu balloon?! Harajuku lovers and Fosters floats?! Serious LOL at Rick Astly. Some of the Golden Girls were in it too, I didn't see them though :P

After Melissa left I kinda slept until 3:30 XD
I was going to work on some homework but I was way tiredd
I'll work on history tonight.. hopefully :P

Apparently, Turkey makes you sleepy. That's what my Chem. teacher was saying

UGH I really don't want to go back to school on Monday. My break has been amazing and I really don't want it to end.

:D Kristina has a wonderful, terrific, FANTASTICAL, boyfran<3

I'm going to finish this post seeing as Melissa is going to be hurr soon :]

OH-For all of my friends that actually read this, I have a performance tomorrow in Downtown Leesburg. It's the Christmas show! It starts at 7, you guys should go :D

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! :]

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