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Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm tired-

and I should probably be sleeping seeing as I have to wake up at 8 tomorrow. Today was EXAHSTING I kinda just wanted to sleep in all of my classes but I only fell asleep in spanish XD. Mrs. Hubbard just goes on and on and on about NOTHING. She also really reminds me of my mom, which is kinda scary XD. Speaking of mom.. I don't remember seeing her when I got home? OH YEAH I DID she was sleeping on the couch lol.
UGH I should probably should work on spanish and chemistry, we don't have that much and the homework we have is extremely easy :P.
I'm glad glad glad we don't have math BUT we have a test on Monday >.> I've tried my hardest to understand this chapter but I mean I'm just not getting it; I have NO idea why either, it kinda frustrates me D:<

Okay so this is just going to continue rambling and I need to work on homework. So goodbye for now! I'll write later :]

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PaintMyHeart said...

I was sleeping in your bed while this was posted.

Next weekend we will be spending time together fer sure.