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Monday, January 19, 2009

Hey cool.

My grandma's dying and she's halfway across the globe so I don't get to see her. What a start to a terrific week. "/

A few people that mean a lot to me:
I miss you, I always will. I wish things could be different but they can't be.

I love your crooked smile, I love that you believe in me, I love that you tell me things and I love that you're mine<3

I used to tell you everything and I still feel like I can but you're just never around. I miss you so much. You've protected me since I was like 2 you were practically a brother to me. You still are.

I love talking to you, even though we don't hang out much besides dance but you mean so much to me.

You're my bestfriend enough said.<3

Dancebuddiesforever! :D

I could talk to you for hours and you crack me up, I'm so glad we're back to how things used to be in 2nd grade :D

You are one of the few people I actually care about in this dumb school, I don't know how exactly we got to where we are now but you mean so much to me.<3

I can tell you anything. I also don't know how we got so close but I like it. I like that we can conspire against people together when they're sitting like right next to us XD

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PaintMyHeart said...

Yay for bestfriends :D

I'm really sorry about your grandma :/

I knew the majority of who the people were in this :D