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Monday, February 2, 2009


I want a lip piercing so bad. SO BAD.
I mean sure I'm more than likely getting one when I turn 18 but that's what 2 years from now D:
Bleh, bleh, bleh
I talked to my dad and he's all not when you're living under this roof bullshit D:<
I would talk to my mom to let him do it but she's STRONGLY against any piercings unless they're like ear piercings or something :/



ThisisaScott said...

ew, i don't want you to have a lip piercing. i don't like facial piercings on girls (and i generally don't like them on guys either).

allywood said...

I agree :/
My dad would say the same thing.
I think it's probably POSSIBLE to MAYBE convince my mom, but I would have to show I was really responsible and I would have to really earn it.
Probably by keeping great grades.
Which would suck.
But yeah, I want a monroe REALLY BAD.

PaintMyHeart said...

Well I disagree.
Whatever makes the asian happy makes her happy.
You are right about your mom being STRONGLY against that stuff.
I mean even tho she allows you to have piercings in your ears, she won't let you have gauges.
There is always nipple piercings.