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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Here comes a long rant about nothing

Because I need extra credit.
Due to the fact that I have ZERO AR points I have a 50 in Kubik's class. LOVELY. So this blog is going to be a long randomness rant because 1. I haven't done one in a while and 2. EXTRA CREDIT!

So I went and applied to Moe's today, I really, really, really hope I get that job. I'm getting desperate. Soon you'll see me in Burger King, flipping burgers. Ew. Okay where have I applied...
-Red Lobster

Seriously I walked around the Target plaza asking how old you had to be to work there or if there was any jobs available. Like 5 places told me I had to be 18, seriously why do you have to be 18 to work at STAPLES?! Maybe I'll be an entrepreneur and start my own jewelry making business. Currently I'm cooking charms in the oven :P

1. If you want a necklace ($10) or a bracelet ($8), tell meeee! I can make pretty much any charm ;D I mean seriously in the oven I have 3 cupcakes, a pokeball, an ice cream cone, and a heart :D!
2. If anyone knows a place that's hiring TELL MEEEEEEE!

Next subject!
I need my hair cut/dyed BADLY.
Maybe with the money I'm getting from selling jewelry to get Jessi to cut it :D
I'm deff growing my hair out though! I just want it more.. layer-y :P

UGH. I keep thinking about it.
Some people know what IT is because I keep asking them what should I do. They say I should talk to the person but I don't know how to askkkkkk, I mean I already discussed it with that person like twice and I don't wanna keep bugging them :/.
YET. It won't get out of my head. I want to do it SO BADLY but it would mean upsetting you AND I don't want to do that. Well I guess it won't really upset you but you don't want me to. Some people say I should because that's what I want to do but I guess a lot of people don't understand that I just want to please you D:

I have a sinking feeling that I have a C or something terrible in chemistry. Mainly because I got a C on that last test and I know, I KNOW I did HORRIBLE HORRIBLE on the past two labs. I'm starting to give up and just let my self go down but I can't. I refuse. I will bring that grade up. On the upside I only have 2 missing assignments in history and an 87 in that class! If I finish those assignments I'll have an A! :DD I'm going to do them later on tonight. I also have a B in Steve-O's class because it's so freaking HARDDD D:. BUT it's like an 86 so I should bring it up easily. If only I got a higher grade on my last test.....

I might be kind of grounded this weekend because of my AR and I need to "catch up" as my dad said "/. He didn't say I was grounded but that I shouldn't have people over so I can get my reading done. BLEH BLEH BLEH. I guess I'm getting though Harry Potter kinda fast. Well not really. Faster than what I was because it's really getting good 'O'. I'm like at page 300 out of what 800? FAIL. I need to read like ALL this week and finish most of my book by Friday so in case Scott does come up I'll be able to go out :DD!

I really, really hope he can come up :]

WAIT! The timer just went off to take the stuff out of the oven brb ;D

Dude they look so good.

Olivia's on the phone, so I'll write more later ;D

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