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Monday, February 23, 2009

I just wanted to say

I'm madly in love with this one boy who makes me smile every time I talk to him. <3

Oh how I wish I lived in Sarasota.
Not just because Scott is there but because that place is AMAZING. You have no idea. Ringling is the best and the people there are so kick ass. Well when I'm a senior I plan on moving there anyways :]
I hope I can move there at least.
I'm tired of living around here, tired of the people here (not all of them of course).

Boy oh boy do I not want to do my homework, probably why I'm blogging instead of homeworking :P
BUT I need to catch up in world history-ALMOST THERE!

Well I guess I should get off and do that amazing history homework :P
I'll probably call my lovely boyfriend too<33

BTW-Blogger is failing with the whole comment posting thing :[[[

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