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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Want to know a secret?

I always, always say things will be okay and they'll work out but truthfully I'm never sure, I never think things will work out the way I think they will. I put on a optimistic front so no one will see the truth, the pessimistic side of me, well actually I'm almost always pessimistic, but no one will know. The only way you'll know is if you read this blog.

'In the end everything will work out, if not, then it's not the end.'

Now the question is-do you think I believe that or not?

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Jamesaphobic said...

ahh, that's probably a rhetorical question but what the hell.

I think you probably disregard that question because everything will come to an end.
MY THOUGHTS: Our lives will end with us dying and that's not a good thing to other people, people that care about us. but everything will end one day, whether we have time to work anything out or not.

I'm pretty good at faking, but sometimes I just get tired of being something I'm not.