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Saturday, March 7, 2009

:D <3 :] <3 :3

Tonight was so much freaking fun!
I love all them kids at the square.
I've decided going to the square on Saturdays are WAY more fun then going on Fridays XD.

James & Daniel-I STILL HAVE CUPCAKE IN MY HAIR. You guys are LAMEEEE<3

I love how I fell off the sidewalk TWICE and screamed both times XD. Actually the first time I stubbed my toe on the sidewalk the second time I fell off the sidewalk. Priya knew I was going to too BUT SHE DIDN'T WARN ME, JERK.

Dude, I'm so tired.
I think I'm going to go shower, I smell like smoke. Stupid Village kids that smoke!

I love you all, even my pothead friends :P

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Jamesaphobic said...

Man, I hadda wash my hair TWICE before that crap would wash out.