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Monday, March 9, 2009

Yeah, tomorrow

is going to suck. I HATE FCAT, I think it's the dumbest thing we do in school.

I really wish I could just sleep forever. Even though I wish we didn't have to sleep since we do, I really like it.

My mind is really everywhere right now due to the fact I just woke up.

History is backing up and I have many things I need to do. I hate history. I'm going to FAIL this project >:[

I also really need to clean my room. I've been telling myself for a week or more to do it. I just really have no motivation to do anything at this point. The only motivation I have is the fact that I'm getting my license on Thursday.


I'm going to go and do something productive. I doubt I'll do anything but sleep

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DannyPhantom said...

i have no motivation for anything anymore. nothing at all. lawl.
but it's ohkay, because i know i fail at life. ;D