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Monday, March 23, 2009

Goodness gracious great balls of fire!

People annoy me. So much! Maybe the people that annoy me are the ones that need to get over them selves and over high school. Seriously. Where you are on people's tops really don't matter. Do you HONESTLY think that when you get out of high school and in to college that you'll be friends with these kids? I mean I hate to say it but I've seen it happen. You go to different colleges, leave a comment here and there but other wise you make other friends. There's only a few people that I hope to stay in touch with/think I'll still be talking to when I get out of college. Plus, most kids are staying in Florida and I hope to move to California. I'm almost positive that I'll have Scott when I graduate but still something could happen. Everything's a toss up in high school. People are so shallow. Sometimes I come off as shallow but I really am not that bad. I sometimes just put that up for shits and giggles. Everyone needs a laugh sometimes. I don't know but this is just a long random rant for me to procrastinate even more :]

Fuck you and your bullshit. I'm tired of it. :D

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