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Thursday, October 8, 2009

This week

Has pretty much sucked.

Getting over this break up is a lot harder than it was at first. I was fine then I don't know what happened but it's just really getting to me now. I still love Scott a lot but when I was in the relationship I wasn't happy, now that I'm not in the relationship I'M STILL NOT HAPPY. This sucks. God and the other day I had this horrible dream that I was on the phone with Scott talking about nothing important and I guess in my dream he was dating someone and he called her baby. I woke up in tears. This is really freaking frustrating me because I mean I should be happy, right? I mean I am, maybe it's that I miss talking to him. He was like my best friend, he wasn't biased on anything(for the most part) I told him about because he didn't know half the people I talked to him about XD. I don't know.

I hate when teachers all schedule tests on the same day ]:<
Tomorrow I have like 4 tests, this week alone I've had like a test in every class WHICH IS RIDICULOUS. I hate school with a passion and even though dance sucks at school, it's still sooo much fun. I'm such a dance fag :P

On sunday I'm going to the Mall at Millenia(is that how you spell it?), I'MEXCITED. I'm hopefully going to finally get that leather jacket that I want so badly :D

-My room's a mess. I really need to clean it BUT I'm too lazy AND I don't really feel up to it.
-I just don't even know what to think anymore
-Dumb bitch, you're a smell old cunt
-Hey. I like you. BUT I'm pretty sure you think I'm annoying or something.
-I GOT PROMOTED TO A RED BIRD TODAY. I'm not going to be very helpful though. >.>
-I had a grammar dream in algebra today. THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS. CURSE YOU BEAM.
-I need new leotards, anyone want to buy me some for my birthday?
-I wanna get some Toms, anyone want to buy me a pair for my birthday? :P
-I need a hair cut/dye, anyone want to pay for that for my birthday? XD
-I'M GOING TO BE ABLE TO WATCH RATED R MOVIES LEGALLY BY MYSELF. So I can be like HA fuck you nasty guy who works at the Old Mill.
-My cat smells funny.

Okay so I have a stupid math review thing that's like 100 questions so I'm going to go do that now. I've procrastinated enough :P


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