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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ahh what a day.

Thank God I'm feeling much better. Just having a simple conversation with Scott made me happy. After that I talked to Melissa which made me happier. Also I'm happy that at least some people cared enough to ask if I was okay. Then there are those people that were just asking because they thought the should but they didn't give a shit at all. That person pissed me off the most today. Ah well, no more unhappiness for me! I refuse to be that sad, not yet.

I got my new baithing suit and pokemon phone charm! YAY! I love express shipping and Fedex!

Tomorrow Today should be a good day. Melissa is spending the night anddd I think we're going to hang with Drew and Abra! "D

Ha, I also realized that I pretty much fail at sewing. I mean I'm not horrible but I'm not that great. Ah I hope this t-shirt will come out good! I worked a lot at it XD.

Anyways I was messing around on my tablet and was tryinggg to draw something. I came up with hair that I liked BUT it still kinda sucks "/.

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PaintMyHeart said...

Well its good to hear you are feelings better and today will be great!