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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I haven't really posted anything new lately. I've been SUPERRR busy.
Anyways this week+shopping=AMAZING. I had so much fun even though my parents were bitching at me practically all weekend. I got a homecoming dress that looks AMAZING AMAZING on me, forrizle. Melissa got one that SO cute and it looks amazing AHmazing on her too! It really makes me laugh that we went in and out of Hottopic like 4 times at least XD. The guys kept on being like, you two back AGAIN? Ahahahah.
My parents were also talking to Melissa like she was their child XD. My mom's like "Well you two just be good or else I'll slit your throats." Then my dad was like "No. I'll just take away their laptops, cell phones, and iPods."

"You're like a drug lord." ROFL ROFL ROFL XDDDD

Then today=Sally's and eyebrow waxing with Melissa :]
Oh and I got to see Melissa's house for the first time! It's cute and homey; I like it.

Anyways gotta get off the computer before my parents have a cow XD


PaintMyHeart said...

Yay for spending time with Kristina.
I can't wait to see you this weekend :]
Ha thanks<3

kae said...

you're definitely fat.